Living in Jakarta


It is safe to say there’ll be no shortage of malls for everybody in Living in Jakarta for some time. Love them or hate them; there’s no way of escaping it! With a range of malls or shopping malls encompassing those with the super chic and higher end exclusive brand boutiques, to the elbow bumping flea market type fountains, you name it, Jakarta has it. It may be terrible to visit on the weekend (particularly on Satuday nights! )  , however you’re not in Jakarta until you’ve spent your entire day in one Jakarta’s expats usually enjoy visiting the various malls not only to find the latest fashion trends; however to spend hours on hours walking around, eating world-class international food, bowling, getting massages, going to the films and even karaoke all at the same place. Describing the malls in Jakarta as large will probably be an understatement; bulk of the major malls doesn’t only offer numerous floors of stores, restaurants however additionally pubs, playgrounds for kids, entertainment places, bodily fitness centers and even medical centers.

Vast majority of the shopping centers carry the same internationally known stores with a few small exceptions every now and then. ITC shopping malls take everything and anything from imported products and bootlegged DVDs and monitor applications to gadgets, phones, and computers for every spending spending budget.


Jakarta has some of the most vibrant and present nightlife, with the continuously new ones popping up all around the city, the pubs and nightclubs regarded as the spot to see and be seen. Some of the hippest clubs in Jakarta such as Dragonfly, Immigrant, Diagonale Club are patronized by a mixture of models, artists, and business people. It is quite easy to make new buddies in these clubs as the ambient bubbly, the music loud and the lighting is quite friendly. Go with a couple of buddies, book a table, and order by the jar, and you’ll be guaranteed a great time!

Essential Street Food

Soto is actually probably the most typical type of food found in many Indonesian region; Soto Kudus from the town of Kudus in central Java, Soto Bandung, Soto Madura, and naturally, Soto Betawi of Jakarta. These soto usually consists of a tasty and salty broth and either beef, poultry, or goat meat, and some condiments of sambal, pickles, and crackers or kerupuk. The great news is that you might get a good version of any of these Indonesian food, in Jakarta.

There are also the Warteg or even Warung Tegal, a Jakarta design ‘junk food’ which you will find on any roadside of Jakarta. Imagine a little booth with a display of pre-cooked homey food, which you point and add to your plate of nasi or rice, to be eaten together as a meal. These wartegs are largely really inexpensive and good too. You do have to be cautious for their hygiene though, so be sure to ask around for the reputation before you go into one.